Derek Hird

A message from Producer/Writer Derek Hird As some of you know, I personally suffer from depression and I can have some pretty tough days. In addition, my wife and I have lost 2 people to depression/suicide and it's tough. One thing about depression, is a lot of people don't understand whats it like to live that specter looming over you waiting to pounce. In the recent wake of the Robin Williams suicide I found myself in conversations with friends and family who don't understand what it's like, so they brushed it off his actions as selfish and cowardly. Don't get me wrong, I do not condone his final decision, but I have been in some dark places and can understand. It's these conversation's that have motivated me to join forces with Theo Francon AKA Ravenous Randy Myers​ and start making our short film The Weirdo Hero. The film is designed to help people understand whats it like to live with depression as well as remind those who do have, that you are loved and not as alone and worthless as you think you are.