The Story

"This film is to help those understand what living with depression is like. But more importantly, it’s a message to those who do have depression; You are not alone. It is okay to ask for help. You are a Hero to someone" After winning the ECCW championship wrestler Fabulous Frankie Myers struggles with undiagnosed depression. His efforts are made harder by an animated version of his self doubt terrorizing him until he finds himself on the edge of something drastic.
Working Title: The Weirdo Hero Short film Approx 40min Character study dealing with depression Our drama joins the life of professional wresting champ Fabulous Frankie Myers just as he wins the ECCW Championship. Expecting the belt to change how he feels about life Frankie finds great disappointment the next day when he wakes to find he feels exactly the same,. which is to say depressed. Supported emotionally by his loving and warm wife Gina he can’t understand why he doesn’t feel success like he thought he would. Gina herself is struggling to cope with why Frankie is always “sad” regardless of the amount of support and love she pours on him. In an effort to once again show Frankie how much she cares Gina presents Frankie with a framed picture of a cartoon drawing he did of Harold the Hare. Frankie is outwardly thankful, but internally he is petrified at the sight of it. Harold the Hare isn’t a cute little drawing Frankie did, but a literal depiction of the self doubt that has haunted Frankie most of his life. The character will become corporeal and popup at the worst times to goad and belittle Frankie, eventually driving him to brink. Depression isn’t the only thing that is eating Frankie away, the recent death of his father looms literally over his head in the form of his late fathers guitar collect he mounted on the wall. The guitars ( Frankie’s treasure) are brought into jeopardy by the need for money. We follow Frankie to his mundane office job where he is abused by his middle management boss. Others (like his coworker Riley) seem to be able to get away with murder but for some reason Frankie gets ridden hard by his foil Gary. Gary is a weasel of an Assistant to the floor manager in his call center. Gary actions are made more frustrating by the fact that he does the speaking for the Floor manager Sandra who doesn’t leave her office. Sandra is mostly seen peering through the blinds, watching the floor. She also has a big crush on Riley. Frankie isn’t alone at work, he has his good friend Harold the Hare to keep him company. Harold known for his impeccable timing is always there to kick Frankie when he is down.