The Cast

Fabulous Frankie Myers - (Played by Randy Myers) is a Boombastic, highly charismatic and down right cute and charming 32 year old professional wrestler. He suffers from undiagnosed depression and is treading water financially.

Harold the Hare - (Voiced by Ty Olssen) is an animated version of Frankie's own self doubt.


The Weirdo Hero - GinaGina (Played by Haley Grey) - is Frankie's wife. She is going to school to get her engineering degree and loves Frankie for the man he is. She doesn't see that Frankie is battling depression.

Amy (Played by Sandy Hammond) - is a super fan of Fabulous Frankie and one of the Abbotsford Special Adventurers. She is a sweetheart and saves her best and warmest hugs for Frankie.

Riley (Played by Jason Cecchini) - is a work friend of Frankie. He is good looking, smooth talking and single. He is always looking to hook up with the ladies and can make fun of Gary because he knows THE Manager (Sandra) has a crush on him. The Character of Riley is a dedication to Mathew Riley. Matt was a friend to some of the crew and was lost to depression December 2014. It's our way of honoring him.

Gary (Played by Brady Roberts) - is a cocky, arrogant, full of himself, by the book (when it suits him) middle manager at Default Insurance. He doesn't like Frankie and his outlandish style.

Jules (Played by Briana Buckmaster) - Is the front door security guard at Default Insurance. She is cute and quirky and a bit of a closet wrestling fan... even though she doesn't understand it.

Sandra (Played by Allix East) -The manager for Default Insurance. She is always watching the floor through her blinds in her office, and she is crushing hard on Riley.

The Weirdo Hero - Nurse TammyNurse Tammy (Played by Phyllis Groves)- Nurse Tammy works the late shift where she has an unexpected meeting with Frankie Myers.

The Weirdo Hero - Rex RandalThe Vandal Rex Randal (Likeness supplied by Rick Faraci) - Rex was a huge wrestling star in the 80's. He moved on to Film and TV.