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Co Founded by Shea Emry and Devon Brooks, Wellman.org is humanist project; supporting and inspiring the next generation of men to lead enriched lives.  Our programs push men to their limits physically, emotionally and spiritually — elevating the soul, inviting personal renewal, and offering a way of being that endorses ones ‘truest self’.  

Shea Emry Co Founder of Wellman.orgAward-winning, All-Star Middle Linebacker, Two-time Grey Cup Champion, seven-year Canadian Football League Veteran, and original Wellmen. After suffering a concussion, which put him out for the remainder of the football season in 2011, Shea found himself battling trials of the past. Negative self-talk, isolation, and an intensifying self-consciousness drew him back into the depressive state he had known as an adolescent; having been the victim of extreme childhood bullying.  In early 2012 Shea answered his true calling: unmasking masculinity. He began using his platform in professional sport to share his story with youth, inspiring self-care and conversation concerning wellness and mental health.

 “The prevailing perception of masculinity, as well as the social conditioning pertaining to it, are inherently restrictive to the evolution of men, and perpetuate the predominant stigmatization of mental illness. Wellmen is after systemic socio-cultural change.”

Shea is an official Ambassador and Champion for Movember Canada’s Men’s Mental Health campaign, Bell’s ‘Let’s Talk Day’ campaign, The David Suzuki Foundation, and Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.  He sits on the Advisory Board for Watson Centre for Brain Health - a new facility based out of the University of British Columbia creating and testing programs that improve life long brain health.