Heads Up Guys

Depression is the second leading cause of disability worldwide, and in Canada alone, 840,000 men are affected each year. Depression is also a major risk factor for suicide, which for Canadian men is a leading cause of death. In the face of such stark statistics, the Men’s Depression and Suicide Network at the University of British Columbia has created Canada’s first online depression resource specifically targeting men. The website, HeadsUpGuys.ca, was developed by a team of clinicians and researchers led by Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, a Professor and Director of the Psychotherapy Program in the Department of Psychiatry at UBC. “We look at the web site as a place where men can kick-­‐start their recovery from depression,” says Ogrodniczuk. “It’s designed to equip men with the knowledge needed to prevent, manage, and rebound from depression and suicidal thoughts.” HeadsUpGuys features practical tips, advice, and guidance on how to recover from depression. This online resource also includes a tool for users to help them get a quick check on their symptoms, which they can then share with a health care professional. Building from the experience of real men who have overcome depression, HeadsUpGuys also includes videos of men sharing their stories and advice to help other guys in their fight against depression. “With this web site, we hope to raise awareness of the issue of depression in men and guide Canadian men to take action toward leading healthy lives that are free of depression,” says Ogrodniczuk.